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What is Ancient Dreams?


Ancient Dreams is a mod of Don't Starve Together that adds the character Wonder Why Wonder Why Filter.png The Ancient Architect. Wonder Why.png


Later I guess

Latest version



  • New skin-line : Fallen gods series, for now only includes The Shackled Power.
  • Added a configuration (in the mod settings before loading your world) to enable the old effects of Numbness (otherwise formely known as nothingness).
  • More translation lines were added to the Chinese configuration.
  • Added 5 turf types representing gems, they are craftable by anyone at the Terra Firma Tamper.
  • Updated quotes to the more recent update
  • New early game mask


  • Golden Penny eye now works like an area of effect science machine for all nearby players rather than just for Wonder.
  • Skin items will now function like regular Klei skins, you'll be able to select them and sweep them like normal.
  • Improves files for masks.
  • Aureola Borealis now grants 25% speed as intended (like a walking cane).
  • Wonder's items can now be drawn on mini-signs.
  • You can now crush gems and gem-eyes directly into the Terra Firma Tamper by dragging and clicking onto it.
  • You can now swap eyes by simply clicking them in the inventory rather than needing to open the mask slot and drag them inside.

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